The Mayor’s Office of Re-Integration Services for Ex-offenders (RISE) is the lead agency in the City for the management of reintegration services for the formerly incarcerated to transition them back into society. Each year thousands of formerly incarcerated citizens are released from state, local and federal detention centers back into Philadelphia, making the successful reintegration of the formerly incarcerated (juvenile and adult) the single most important workforce and public safety issue of our region. Two-thirds of these will commit new crimes and return to prison within 3 years without serious intervention. This creates a cycle of release and recidivism that is both devastating and costly to the city’s economic growth, community and government resources.

Any individual who contacts RISE seeking services is likely motivated. They want to break the revolving door of recidivism and remake their lives to become productive members of society. At RISE, they are assessed, and it is determined which of the partners can help them take that first step toward employment. RISE’s partners range from transitional work organizations, placement agencies, job training centers, life coaches and others.

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