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Philadelphia Criminal Record Expungement Project 

Job Training/Placement Programs

Services provided:  Re-Entry Services

  • Re-Entry Services Project -Ex-offenders take part in life skills and job readiness workshops that include interviewing skills, resume writing, and job search strategies. (x121)
  • Industry Specific Initiative, Job preparation, including resume writing, job search skills, and interviewing techniques for people transitioning from welfare to work who have a criminal record. (x108)
  • JOBS, working with the Philadelphia Prison System, Prison Society staff teaches life skills and job readiness workshops to people still incarcerated, but for whom release is imminent. Provides support services, job placement and job retention assistance once released. ( X109)

Inmate Family Services

  • Parenting Skills Education - An interactive course designed to increase communication skills, understand child development and family dynamics, increase parenting skills and parenting from prison. Currently offered at in the Philadelphia Prison System and 8 state correctional institutions. (x120)
  • Family Virtual Visitation - Video conferencing for families and their incarcerated loved ones with the goal of maintaining and strengthening family bonds. The Prison Society’s Philadelphia office is connected to 8 prisons in order to provide this service. (x103)
  • Family Transportation Service - Affordable transportation service from Philadelphia to 24 state correctional institutions helps maintain relationships with incarcerated family members. (x119)
  • Support to Kids with an Incarcerated Parent - A 12-week support group for kids ages 8-12 provides a safe place for them to deal with the difficult feelings of having an incarcerated parent. (x123)

Working Group to Enhance Service to Incarcerated Women
Coalition of community based organizations and individuals united to deliver information sessions, presentations, resource sharing and workshops to women in Philadelphia prisons. The Working Group meets monthly to pursue advocacy on critical issues for women in prison. Members also in engage in raising public awareness through panel presentations, trainings and speaking campaigns. (x107)

Official Visitors
A statewide network of volunteers who visit with in inmates and monitor prison conditions. Pennsylvania’s Official Prison Visitation Act is unique in providing and assuring Prison Society volunteer Official Visitors access to correctional facilities. (x100)

  • Resources for Human Development
    4700 Wissahickon Avenue Suite 126, Philadelphia PA 19144 215-951-0300
    Services Provided
    : RHD HR dept has a listing of all job openings and are exempt from OAPSA restrictions and thus able to employ ex-offenders.
    Career Development Center CDC @ RHD
    215-848-4887 215-848-5441
    Craig Jackson, Director
    Services Provided
    : Several job training and job placement services for low-income and welfare-to-work individuals.


  • Opportunities Industrialization Center
    1231 N. Broad Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia PA 19122, 215-236-7700 intake 215-236-8970 f
    OIC Futures Services Provided:
    A state licensed social/vocational rehabilitation program that provides training in building maintenance, building services and clerical services to individuals who have mental health disorders and are receiving outpatient services in a local community health center.

Date Established: 1964


  • Philadelphia Workforce Development Corporation: Youth Partnership Initiative
    1617 JFK Blvd., Philadelphia PA 19103, 215-963-2100 main
    Services Provided
    : Open to ex-offenders and delinquent juveniles between 14 and 24 years old. GED programming, post-secondary education assistance and training, job training and skills development, placement assistance and resume and interview preparation assistance.
    Contact: Victor Cologne
    Date Established: 1982


  • IMPACT Services

1952 E. Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19103

Helping Offenders Work Services Provided: Participants must be referred through FIR to receive job placement assistance, job readiness training, life skills training, GED program and paid transitional work experience.
: John Leftwich, 215-739-1600 ext. 126


Fathers At Work Services Provided: Targeting non-custodial fathers age 18-30 who were previously incarcerated. Provides job placement and training services and child support services. Contact: Ray Jones 215-739-1600 x143

IMPACT Services for Veterans

124 E Indiana Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19134
Services Provided:
Employment services

174 E Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19133
Services Provided: Transitional Housing

  • Ready Willing and Able
    1211 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147
    Services Provided:
    Residential job training program for homeless individuals most of whom have histories of incarceration and substance abuse. Physical and mental health services also provided.
    Contact:Jeffrey Stubbs, 215-732-3781
    Date Established:


  • JEVS Jewish Employment and Vocational Services
    8301 State Road, Philadelphia PA 19136
    Services Provided
    : hands-on vocational training and assessment, resume building and interview preparation services during incarceration.
    : John Lieb, 215-685-7114

North CareerLink
990 Spring Garden St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
215-560-5465 t
215-560-6599 f
215-560-5389 TTY

Northeast CareerLink
Academy Plaza Shopping Center
3210 Red Lion Road
Philadelphia , PA 19114
215.281.1038 phone
215.632.6053 fax
215.632.6451 TTY

Northwest CareerLink
235 West Chelten Avenue
Philadelphia , PA 19144
215.560.6880 phone
215.560.6880 fax
215.560.5157 TTY

Nueva Esperanza CareerLink
4261 North 5th Street , 3rd floor
Philadelphia , PA 19140
215.324.0746 phone
215.324.2542 fax
215.324.6175 TTY

Suburban Station CareerLink
1617 JFK Blvd. , 2nd floor
Philadelphia , PA 19103
215.557.2625 phone
215.567.7773 fax
215.564.9338 TTY

  • Northwest Human Services
    5429 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia PA 19141, 215-843-6200
    Services Provided: in conjunction with the Office of Mental Health and the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation this center runs an industry-integrated program providing training with companies for a few hours per week with clients working more hours as they progress. Job placement counselors help them find and retain employment.


  • Community Women’s Education Project (CWEP)
    2801 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19134, 215-426-2200
    Services Provided
    : CWEP provides secondary and post-secondary education, educational support systems, and connections to the workplace for low income women and their families in their community. CWEP also provides quality early learning education for infants and young children.
    Date Established
    : 1977


  • People for People Inc.
    800 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19130, 215-235-2340
    Services Provided:
    job training and retention services, job placement, support services, child care and after-school programming, resource and information center.
    Ray Ellis
    Date Established:


  • Congreso de Latinos Unidos, Inc
    216 W. Somerset Street, Philadelphia PA 19133, 215-763-8870
    Services Provided
    : Job placement, vocational counseling, job readiness orientation, and youth employment counseling, training and continuing education classes. One-stop shopping site for all needs, health, housing assistance, counseling, substance abuse and domestic violence counseling. All services offered in both Spanish and English. Services predominately North Philadelphia
    Date Established
    : 1977


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