R.I.S.E. has designed its Service Delivery Model for FY 2014 that will assist both pre/post release individuals’ with developing a goal orientated action plan. This blue print will include life skills, vocational and educational trainings. R.I.S.E’s model program, recidivism interventions and access to other services are coordinated from the outset.




Ex-offenders have a variety of characteristics that greatly limit their employability and earnings capacities.  These include:
• Limited education and cognitive skills;
• Limited work experience;
• Substance abuse and other physical and/or mental health problems.

R.I.S.E’s Service Delivery Model develops, evaluates, and disseminates solutions that help foster its participants’ community, social, and economic development, while nurturing the participant’s capacity to skillfully rehabilitate him/herself.

 At R.I.S.E. we strive to deepen the participant’s commitment to personal and civic responsibility, respect for others and the community qualities we believe are essential for individuals to lead humane and productive lives in a democratic society.

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