Hospitality/Culinary Arts Training

Hospitality/Culinary Arts Training is a six week course held at an offsite location Monday-Friday from 11:00am -3:00pm.

The Hospitality/Culinary Arts training course is designed to prepare students to pass the ServSafe Certification Exam. This Certification is nationally recognized and provides individuals with the tools to meet the standards of the National Restaurant Association in regards to food safety and preparation. Through intensive course study as well as hands-on kitchen training, this course provides students with the knowledge required to not only pass the ServSafe Certification Exam, but also to work in the fast paced environment of the hospitality industry.

Some of the areas of study include:

  • Banquet preparation and set-up
  • Food preparation guidelines
  • Food safety regulations
  • Hands-on food prep in a kitchen setting
  • Kitchen safety
  • Sanitary kitchen practices
  • Hands-on food prep in a kitchen setting

Individuals with ServSafe Certifications have a head start to employment in the hospitality field as the certificate is nationally recognized and often required for employment in kitchen settings.

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