Literacy & GED Preparation

Through our partnership with the Center for Literacy (CFL), RISE offers literacy training to participants in need of GED preparation courses and/or tutoring services.

All RISE participants take a Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) as a part of their intake process. The results of the TABE test determine whether or not an individual can participant in a vocational training and also allow for individuals in need of a GED to be placed in the appropriate class level.

GED 101/201:
Individuals who have reading levels between third and fifth grade are considered GED 101 students while those who fall between fifth and eighth grade reading levels are considered GED 201 students. Upon completion of GED 101/201, students move on to GED 301.

GED 301:
GED 301 is a class for those who score at an eighth grade reading level or higher. Upon completion of GED 301, students sign up for their GED examinations.

Individuals who fall below a third grade reading level are placed into tutoring before entering a GED class. Tutors are available through the Center For Literacy or through other partner agencies.

Call 215-683-3370 for more information on classes.

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