Vocational Training

Through vocational training and work experience opportunities, RISE works to discourage future involvement with the criminal justice system. RISE, along with its partners, has created a comprehensive approach to vocational training that includes programs that address both educational and workforce related needs.

Culinary Arts Training:
In partnership with PhilaBundance, RISE offers a vocational training program in culinary arts. This training grants participants the exposure to the fast paced food service industry through intensive training and skill building. Participants work hands on in a kitchen setting while also gaining knowledge in the classroom. Off-site internships are also afforded to those enrolled in the training and successful completions result in a ServSafe Certification.

Forklift Training:
In partnership with Goodwill, RISE participants are offered the opportunity to obtain a forklift certification. Through a one day training program, participants receive hands on training and are tested to determine whether or not they have the skills and knowledge needed to operate a lift truck.

311 Call Center Training:
311 is Philadelphia’s number for non-emergency services and information about City government. RISE participants are afforded the opportunity to take part in a work experience program through the 311 call center. Through hands on training and observation, participants learn the best practices in customer service and also administer satisfaction surveys via telephone. This training requires computer literacy and basic customer service skills.

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