Vocational Training

Providing returning citizens with vocational training and work opportunities is a common strategy to discourage future involvement with the justice system. Of special concern are those individuals that have been released within three (3) years, out of work, and in other high-risk situations. R.I.SE. along with its partners have collaborated to implement a comprehensive approach that includes training programs that address the education and workforce needs.

Our vocational or job training programs  take a preventive approach that typically concentrate on attainment of basic skills competencies, opportunities for academic and occupational training, and exposure to the job market and employment.

Job Readiness Training (JRT):
• Unemployment among of individuals with a criminal history is an enormous dilemma. In order to re-enter into the workplace and become productive members of the community, offenders need specific tools to their special conditions.
• Many of them need to be introduced or re-introduced to the tools that will allow them to function in the workplace. To function as productive employee there must be a maximum paradigm shift for most of them.
• The goal of the R.I.S.E Job Readiness Training program is to provide individuals with a criminal history with the tools they need in become successful in the workplace, by educating participants, in knowing how to interview, complete job applications, create e-mail address, updating to more job specific resumes, understanding employer expectations, learning professional dress; techniques that will heighten our participant’s chances to secure and retain employment. (For more details…)

Entrepreneurship Pre /Post Release:
• R.I.S.E recognizes that returning citizens are a storehouse of untapped potential. Many are seasoned entrepreneurs who happen to run illegitimate businesses. For the truly reformed returning citizen, once equipped with education and life skills training, the return on investment (ROI) potential for these men/women, their families and communities is limitless.
• R.I.S.E. in conjunction with the African American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) have partnered to bring an eight week business plan development program that focuses on Development, Marketing, Sales, IT Support, Grants, Licenses and Finance.
• Under this program, R.I.S.E and the AACC will be able to educate participants on how to start a business.

Culinary Arts Training:
• In partnership with Philabundance, R.I.S.E will be able to provide a vocational training program that offers 500 hours of culinary arts training, exposure to guest chefs, and catering opportunities along with offsite internships. This career-target opportunity will promote self-sufficiency.

Forklift Training:
• In partnership with Goodwill, R.I.S.E’s participants are offered both a classroom and hands-on experience in forklift operations and OSHA certification.

Financial Literacy: Pre /Post Release:
• Financial literacy training has long-term benefits that directly impact the lives of our participant, therefore, R.I.S.E and the Philadelphia Urban League have partnered to implement a financial literacy program that educates our participants in money management techniques, e.g. how to save, invest, stay out of debt and plan for retirement.

Computer Literacy:
• This course is a broad introduction to the use of computers as tools for creativity, communications and organizing information. Students will develop basic computer skills to aid them with workforce readiness.

311 Call Center Training:
• 311 is Philadelphia’s single number for non-emergency services and information about City government. R.I.S.E. participants are afforded the opportunity to receive training includes multi-disciplinary instruction methodologies and the design of instructional material to teach computer systems, customer service standards, as well as call center policies and procedures.

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